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What information is available for you and your family?

Your health and wellbeing has an effect on how you go about your day. If you have good mental health and wellbeing, you might find it easier to deal with difficult situations. If your mental health is low, everyday actions might become a challenge. 

Below are various resources to help improve your health and wellbeing including mindfulness activities.

If you need some help or support or just want to talk through a parenting issue, our counsellors are here for you. Parentline counsellors provide confidential advice and support for parents, carers or professionals living in NSW, seven days a week. 

Mental Health Line - 1800 011 511

Kids Help Line - 1800 551 800

Parent Line - 1300 130 052

Beyond Blue - 1300 224 636

Youth Beyond Blue - 1300 224 636

Lifeline - 13 11 14

Beyond Blue provides information and support to help all achieve their best possible mental health. Below are some topics you can find more information about:

BeYou focuses on providing educational resources for you to help support children and young people. These resources include:

Kids Helpline give children and young people a safe place to turn to. Professional counsellors are available to talk to at any time, about anything. They also have information on how to use the internet safely, what to do when you are fighting with friends and it is okay to make mistakes. 

They also have a podcast available -  H R U? where they discuss some of the challenges that children and young people may face daily. 

The Department of Health created Head to Health to help provide you with trusted, Australian links to online and phone support as well as resources about improving your mental health. 

ReachOut is an online mental health organisation that provides you with tools and up to help you get through the everyday challenges and tough times. They have tips on how to improve your mindfulness and to help you relax;

They also have an app - ReachOut Breathe that helps to reduce stress and anxiety.

For resources on how to support teens during Coronavirus, click here

WayAhead is a mental health association within New South Wales that aims to educate and link people to mental health and wellbeing services and resources. They provide information on Wellbeing, Mental Health and Supporting and Caring.

headspace is the National Youth Mental Health Foundation providing early intervention mental health services to 12-25 year olds. headspace can help young people with mental health, physical health (including sexual health) alcohol and other drug services, and work and study support.

Emerging Minds provides information and resources on mental health, services and interventions as well as training and programs for children and young people. They have information on children's rights, relationships matters and cultural and spiritual identity. 

Emerging Minds have partnered with FrameWorks to create a communications toolkit, Reframing Children's Mental Health.

Emerging Minds also have some resources to support children during a pandemic

Helpful Resources and Documents

The below resources are information that you might find useful

The below are helpful resources around children who have sensory needs. 

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